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Who are We

EEE Cobiax is the official partner for Heinze Cobiax Deutschland GmbH  in UAE.

 Cobiax has been developing light and environmentally sustainable void former systems since 1997. Patented technology replaces the massive concrete inside a reinforced concrete slab and makes it considerably lighter. This allows you to construct substantially more flexible, economical and sustainable buildings.


Load-bearing Construction
Cobiax Technology is based on generating specific hollows inside a reinforced concrete slab. Massive concrete is replaced by synthetic void formers and remains only in statically relevant areas. Thus, it is possible to construct buildings with flat slabs while allowing for remarkable span width.
Efficient and explored
The efficiency and sustainability of Cobiax void former modules are apparent even at early construction stages: A single truckload ready-to-use Cobiax void former modules replaces an average of seven concrete truck loads at the building site. The technology itself presents additional advantages with superior benefits to all partners involved.
Our idea became market-ready in 2005 –  since then we have continued to further develop it into an internationally patented and multiple award-winning technology in building construction, which we have been further researching and defining for years.

The idea: The floating principle
Why is a bird able to fly? It's simple: Its bones form a solid frame made out of hollows and struts. The bird doesn't carry unnecessary weight, yet it is completely stable. Our idea follows this elaborate principle of nature: maximum weight optimization without any loss of static performance.
In building shells concrete presents by far the biggest mass and volume carrier – therefore the reduction of this highly energy intensive material has proven to be particularly effective. cobiax in Dubai cobiax in Abu Dhabi cobiax in Riyadh

Our Projects

Cobiax projects in UAE
VIDA Tower
EMAAR Projects 
IHCC Khansaheb

EEE Cobiax has been working with top Architicts and structural consultants locally and internationally to implement Cobiax solution in their projects.

For Architects Using Cobiax allowed them to have: 

  • Longer spans
  • Architectural freedom in Planning. 
  • No Drop Beams 
  • Extra Vertical Space.
  • Post structure benefits: Speed, Savings, Flexibility and Finishing.  
  • Better Client/User acceptance.
  • Eased change of use, horizontal and vertical. 

For the Structural Designers they could have:

  • Better Design Flexability
  • 35% Reduction in Slab weight
  • 20% -25% less over all structural weight.
  • Thinner Slabs
  • Superior Cracks and deflection Control
  • Up to 40% less columns.

The Project Contractors can have:

  • Less Construction works (Slab forming, Scaffolding, Steel Works, Concrete Pouring).
  • Much faster and simpler Construction process which leads to massive time savings, with less man power needed.
  • Simple and fast process to install electromechanical works within the slab.
  • Clean job sit.



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